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The founders of De Barnes International Education Consultancy Group (De Barnes) know that the process of applying to international Colleges and Universities can be complex and difficult to navigate. We know this to be true as we have been there and have walked in your shoes. Many apply but unfortunately only a distinguished few are selected.

Our team of industry experts understand the importance of having your application stand head and shoulders above the competition, maximizing your potential for receiving a scholarship. De Barnes specializes in helping individuals showcase their unique skillsets, abilities, and experiences; in short, helping you present the best “You” forward on paper to the admission selection committee. Through our partnership, your application is sure to stand out above the rest.

Your personalized experience will have a De Barnes representative walk you through the application process from the beginning to the end. De Barnes strives to place individuals in Colleges and Universities across North America, Europe, and Asia. We are committed to your success and are pleased to offer the following services:

+ Research and match individual skillset to suitable Colleges or Universities.
+ Identify, select, and assist in the application process for scholarships and bursaries.
+ Provide assistance in drafting a high-impact CV and a personal narrative relating to educational goals, hobbies, and aspirations.
+ Provide test preparation materials to enhance your success on required admission tests, such as, SAT, ACT, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, and LSAT.
+ Offer tutoring support to assist individuals to achieve high scores on admission test.
+ Register individuals for required admission tests. De Barnes can cover costs for admission test, College and University application fees, on behalf of applicant but must be reimbursed.
+ Act as a representative between individuals and Colleges or Universities. De Barnes invites you to view the video below if you require additional details of our services.


Bronze Package

Matches You To a College or a University & a Scholarship Abroad.

Silver Package

Provides Admission Test Preparation Materials.

Gold Package

Represents You to Gain Admission to a College or a University Abroad.

Platinum Package

Provides Tutoring for College/University Admission Test.

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