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Bronze Package

This package includes the following elements:

+ Initial Consultation
+Profile Development
+ College/University Matching
+ Program Selection
+ Scholarship Searches
+ Personalized Web Page
$155 US

Silver Package

This package includes the following elements:

+ Bronze Package
+ Selection of Appropriate Test
+ Provision of Test Materials
+ Test Registration
$300 US*

Gold Package

This package includes the following elements:

+ Silver Package
+ CV Preparation
+ Narrative Development
+ Application Packaging
+ Application Filing Support
+ Application Representation/Liaison
$500 US – $600 US

Platinum Package

This package includes the following elements:

+ Gold Package
+ Test Tutoring Support
$** US

Pricing Notes:

1. Our process begins with a SCREENING ASSESSMENT. The SCREENING ASSESSMENT evaluates admissibility and scholarship potential of the applicant. A SCREENING ASSESSMENT REPORT is issued five (5) business days from the date of payment of the non-refundable fee of $25 US (equivalent to 120 GHC). The SCREENING ASSESSMENT REPORT will outline whether the applicant has a low, medium or high admissibility/scholarship potential. This allows the applicant to make an informed decision as to whether or not to proceed with the service package.

2. The next step after the SCREENING ASSESSMENT REPORT has been provided to the applicant, is the selection of a service package. Three service packages are currently available for applicants to choose from: BRONZE, SILVER or GOLD. The details of what each package entails is provided above on the services page. Once a package is selected and full or partial installment payment is made, De Barnes will provide a UNIVERSITY MATCH REPORT five (5) business days from the date of payment. The UNIVERSITY MATCH REPORT provides the details of the institution(s), program(s) of study, scholarship opportunities and the application login information. A De Barnes associate will provide assistance based on the service package selected.

3. STANDARDIZED TESTS: The registrations fees for writing standardized test may vary and are paid directly to the testing board. Currently, the registration fee (in US dollars) for writing the SAT is $46 , GRE is $205, GMAT is $250, TOEFL is $190 and ACT is $46.

*Applicable for one admission test material e.g. SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT or LSAT, except TOEFL. Packages with TOEFL test will incur additional $100 US. Most institutions do not require English proficiency test e.g. TOEFL from applicants coming from countries where English is considered the first/official language.

Gold package covers submission of application to one College/University and $100 US (equivalent to GHC480) for each additional College/University application. **In the works, De Barnes will provide virtual on-line training sessions or in person tutoring by center location.

Note that test registration and Colleges/Universities application fees are not included in package costs. Arrangements can be made for De Barnes to pay said fees but must be reimbursed by client in addition to a $25 US (equivalent to 120 GHC) administration fee to cover bank charges and exchange rates. Standardized test registration fees or College/University admission application fees are paid directly to the test board or institution, and are not part of our fees.

How it Works...


How it Works...